BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Local law enforcement leaders are urging Louisiana early childhood programs as they release a new report from Fight Crime: Invest Kids, a national organization of law enforcement leaders, saying that high-quality child care will reduce crime.

At the Capitol, local leaders and law enforcement discuss how to create childcare programs that benefit the state of Louisiana.

“In a state that is currently losing 1.3 billion a year due to a child care breakdown downs, and where crime rates are steady,” said Representative Ken Brass.

St. Charles Parish Sheriff Greg Champagne says for years he’s been involved with the program and that it’s worth investing in.

“If we’re not getting kids into some good child care, and they’re just floundering out on the streets, they aren’t going to go to high school classes, they aren’t going to graduate,” said Sheriff Champagne.

He says that 60 percent of inmates do not have a high school education.

According to research done by Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, “if children absorb a certain type of behavior, they will portray those actions.”

That’s exactly why the program, which works with children until the age of five, will help potentially solve the root of the program.

“Funding childhood education guarantees us to be able to provide affordable children service to all children regardless of their zip code,” said Owner/Director of Treasure from Heaven Childcare and Learning Center Sherrel Lynn Pointer.

At the meeting, $115 million per year was asked at the Capitol Tuesday the by Early Childhood Care and Education Commissions, a group created by the legislator. The commission says that it will help provide a better outcome for potentially less crime and better education.

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