“Water and wax don’t mix!!”

The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal

BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – According to the National Fire Association, on average, 20 home candle fires are reported every day.

In an effort to protect locals from becoming victims of such fires, Louisiana officials are encouraging citizens to remember that fire safety is a year-round concern.

The Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal on Monday (May 2) took to social media to issue a reminder regarding scented candles.

Though the candles come in handy as a decorative piece and add a pleasant aroma to an area, they can become dangerous when mishandled.

In its social media post, the State Fire Marshal Office warned, “Water and wax don’t mix!!”

Instead of using water to extinguish the flame of a scented candle, officials suggest blowing out the candle. In the post, the Fire Marshal goes on to emphasize the importance of doing so before going to sleep or when leaving the area.

Officials also warn that candles should always be set up at least one foot away from anything flammable.

Additional potentially life-saving safety tips can be found on the “Candle Safety” sheet pictured below.