BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general released full deposition transcripts of Dr. Anthony Fauci and an FBI agent this week.

The two states’ lawsuit alleges that the federal government and social media companies censored topics online.

“Fauci’s recent deposition only confirmed what we already knew: federal bureaucrats in collusion with social media companies want to control not only what you think, but especially what you say,” said Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. “During no time in human history was this more obvious than during the COVID-19 crisis where social engineering tactics were used against the American public, not to limit your exposure to a virus, but to limit your exposure to information that did not fit within a government sanctioned narrative.”

“Missouri and Louisiana are leading the law in exposing exactly how the federal government colluded with social media companies to suppress speech online. Our deposition makes it clear that the FBI played an outsized role in working to censor speech ahead of the 2020 election,” said Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt. “I encourage everyone to read this deposition transcript to see exactly how cozy the FBI was with major social media companies – it goes much deeper than we imagined. We will continue to fight to uncover more evidence and information about this collusion and expose it for the world to see.”

Read the deposition transcripts below: