BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– Louisiana has launched its own temporary shelter program. This came as many families in southeast Louisiana remain without shelter, more than a month after Hurricane Ida.

Things are moving slower than residents would like. Representative Tanner Magee from the Houma area visited Baton Rouge and spoke about recovery in Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes. Although a few projects are underway, he says he believes more needs to be done.

“I could not imagine that I would see so many bricks blown off of buildings,” said Magee. “This looks like bombs went off across Terrebonne Parish like we were struck missile strikes. The path of destruction and visual destruction is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

He said some Hurricane Ida survivors are still struggling with everyday needs.

“There’s nothing in the parishes that have not been touched by Hurricane Ida in some kind of way. And when you had that, the needs become different because the scale of it becomes different. And one of the things the struggles have been has been dealing with FEMA,” said Magee. “You know, places in Terrebonne, that people have not had the ability to take a shower. And so, I mean, when you think about that, it’s really really troubling.”

Many have been living in the remains of their homes or tents like Brooke Marcel.

“If it wouldn’t be for my kid I could do this, it wouldn’t bother me, but she shouldn’t be able to live like this,” she said.

Magee said there are few to no housing options available. FEMA will continue the shelter assistance program they usually provide.

“Basically, the feds are doing their own thing, and that’s going to be the direct housing program that FEMA traditionally does. And they said they’re projecting a mid-November timeline. That’s the way things have gone so far,” said Magee.

However, the state is now stepping up to answer prayers with its new sheltering program. The governor announced the state is launching a temporary sheltering program.

“And as I understand it, what they’re basically doing is allowing the state to kind of be the landlord, that they’re using the rental assistance program and not in the hotel programs for and saying, ‘well, we will reimburse you for that,’ if you’re providing the shelters,” said Magee.

The temporary housing program will provide families with trailers or shipping constrainers to live in.

Although Magee appreciates the work that’s been done, he says these efforts are falling short.

“Why do we have to struggle to make it a priority in this nation? This is like, we can put people on the moon like the famous saying, but we can’t figure out travel trailers into your home parish,” said Magee.

The Temporary Housing Assistance registration launches today, you can visit to sign up here.