The board which oversees the state’s tax exemption program met Monday morning to consider the renewal of more than $11 billion worth of tax exemptions for some Louisiana manufacturing companies.
Exemptions that members of Together Louisiana feel are in a direct conflict with the governor’s wishes.
The members of Together Louisiana and concerned citizens around the state feel that large tax exemptions for manufacturing companies around the state are hurting the local government where they are located.
Governor John Bel Edwards agrees.  
He signed an executive order back in June that placed restrictions on these tax exemptions.
One of these restrictions requires the approval of the of the local government before exemption can be applied.
The board went down the list making sure that their requests for exemptions were in line with the executive order.
Most of the application brought to the board were deferred until the next meeting pending requirements of the executive order.
If you would like to view Governor Edward’s executive order, Click Here.