HAMMOND, La. (WVLA/WGMB) — The Louisiana trooper struck during a police chase last week died Sunday, state police have announced.

Trooper George Baker, 33, was hit by a Hammond patrol car early Wednesday morning while helping officers involved with a chase. Authorities said Baker was lifting a tire deflating device from the roadway at the time. He was taken to North Oaks Medical Center, where fellow troopers held vigil for him until his death.

Baker served 10 years in law enforcement, joining Louisiana State Police in 2017. He previously spent four years with the Greensburg Police Department, then three years with the St. Helena Parish Sheriff’s Office.

He also spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, serving one combat deployment to the Middle East.

Baker is the first Louisiana State Police officer to die in the line of duty since August 2015.

“Trooper Baker passed today leaving our hearts heavy but full of pride as he exemplified our values of duty, selfless service, and personal courage,” state police superintendent Col. Kevin Reeves said in a statement to troopers Sunday.

Gov. John Bel Edwards also offered a statement following Trooper Baker’s death:

“My heart is heavy at the passing of Trooper Baker, who served the people of our state with honor and dedication and died from injuries sustained in the line of duty. His selfless commitment to his fellow Louisianans represents the best of us and he continues to serve even after his passing by having his organs donated to help others in need. His courage and bravery will never be forgotten.”

Trooper Baker is survived by his wife Heather, daughter Harper, his parents, sisters and extended family.