BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – One local artist is bringing culture and positivity to life with each project.

Vibrant colors, rooted in deep history are techniques you’ll see in Ellen Ogden’s murals.

“I’d say my craft is based in paint and color. I have a real background in how to mix color and how to paint and apply things on a landscape or a figure,” Ogden said.

You might not know her name but chances are you’ve seen her work. She’s the artist behind many murals and signs around the capital city.

She got her start painting signs at the Metairie Trader Joe’s. Capturing the suburb’s unique and often overlooked history.

“I was trying to dig into the culture of Metairie. They have some really unique parades like the Irish-Italian Parade. They throw vegetables, so we ended up doing the whole thing second line and groceries. So that’s the concept I came up with,” Ogden said.

That emphasis on culture can be seen in all of her work.

When the pandemic hit, she wanted to help local businesses. She started the Reflect Love Project, bringing a bit of hope through art.

“Trying to put something positive out while everybody was really uncertain,” she said.

With each stroke of her brush, she’s creating small moments of peace and clarity.

“It gives you an opportunity for beauty, or to wake up to ‘oh wow this business really cares about this culture’ or just inspect a moment more deeply.”

A positive message that she hopes to keep painting across local communities.

“That’s the goal with each project that I take on. To tie those passions together.”