BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD)- One woman is using her talents to educate children on the importance of COVID-19. Carly Laing sits down with her in this week’s Louisiana Women.

In 2020, the world as we knew it drastically changed. The coronavirus came in fast, spreading across the globe in just a matter of months leaving many with more questions than answers, especially children.

“When they sent them home from school, he wanted to know why he couldn’t go to school, why he couldn’t go to birthday parties, why he couldn’t go to the store,” said Martina Domino.

Martina Domino was also trying to find answers, for herself, and her five-year-old son. 

“Having a background in education, I said, you know what, what would be an easier and great way to inform kids what the coronavirus is. So, I just started outlining things, the most important things that I would want a child to know,” said Domino.

That idea is now a reality. Her book “What in the World is the Coronavirus” is now available.

“Sometimes you have an idea, and you don’t see it through. I used to write books when I was little, all up into college, and they just kind of sat there. So, for me to tackle an issue or to talk about an issue that’s happening right now today and go all the way through it. It’s just really awesome,” said Domino.

The book is based on a little boy learning his way through the pandemic.

“Washing your hands, wearing your face mask and practicing social distancing,” said Domino.

The worldwide pandemic also presents kids with an opportunity to learn about other countries. 

“All of the characters have different flags. They are from different countries. I thought it was important to show diversity because this is a global pandemic. Kids all over the world are experiencing these same issues and have these same questions,” said Domino.

Domino hopes this is one of many books kids use to learn about the world around them.

“In the future, I would like to try to translate the book into different languages, and also maybe even spin-off and talk about the different countries, maybe different trademarks and cultures,” said Domino.

The book is available on Domino’s website at