BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)- Ian Sager, an LSU senior, majoring in physics and astronomy is spreading his passion for astronomy.

The student purchased a capsule that will be sent to the moon.

What makes this capsule unique is he wants the Baton Rouge community to be part of the experience.

“This is the very first thing that someone can send from themselves, that will stay,” Sager said. “People have sent stuff through NASA, but nothing has been sent that has been for the public.”

The SD card, which will be sent with the capsule can carry an unlimited amount of names, photos or videos.

“If people in the future decide ‘hey we want to open up this very first time capsule that has been sent to the moon’, and they find my SD card, that will be the first thing they look at,” he said.

To make your own mark through Ian’s capsule, you can submit a google form here.