Kayleigh Amos, a special education teacher at Lukeville Elementary, received a big surprise on Thursday afternoon. 

For Amos, non-conventional  seating was something Lukeville Elementary didn’t have the funds to provide. “To have that opportunity to utilize such an amazing community of people from Help A Teacher, and to be able to provide that for my kids is just amazing, I feel emotional right now,” Amos said with a vibrant smile. 

“I have a lot of kiddos who like to wiggle, we like to move, we like to get around, so the conventional seating of normal desks can sometimes be a challenge,” said Amos. The interactive, fun seating, will allow her children to learn and move a little more freely at the same time. 

Amos said she hopes this will maximize her students potential for learning. 

Help A Teacher, a nationwide non profit organization has been bridging the gap between teachers and supporters for 6 months.

Teachers can create a wish list online for generous donors to purchase. Donors choose the item(s) they want to purchase, which are then immediately shipped to the teacher. 

For more information about how to get involved with Help A Teacher, visit their website at: https://helpateacher.com/donors/