BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Voters will have to decide who they want to serve them in the U.S. Senate. Two leading democrats Gary Chambers and Luke Mixon look to take on incumbent Senator John Kennedy in their fight to flip a Senate seat blue.

While the polls still show Kennedy pulling ahead by a few percentage points in the primary, Chambers said if he’s elected he wants to put an emphasis on things Kennedy has voted against.

“Senator Kennedy voted against infrastructure. Roads aren’t Democrat or Republican. They’re not black,” Chambers said “They’re not white. They’re for everybody. Everybody uses the roads. That $6 billion of resources that is coming to our state, no thanks to him.”

Chambers previously ran for congress in Louisiana’s second district. He missed the runoff by 1,500 votes. He’s gained notoriety in this race for his provocative campaign ads that have gone viral. As the most far left-leaning candidate, he describes himself as a democrat that could rally the non-voting population to the polls.

“Problem wasn’t that Black voters aren’t in the state or that 30% of white voters aren’t voting for Democrats,” Chambers said. “It’s that we didn’t give them a candidate that was actually a Democrat, that we didn’t give them a candidate that they could believe in, that they could support, and therefore they didn’t show up.”

Chambers’ key policies aim to elevate Louisiana from its current position near the bottom of many national lists related to education, poverty, and job opportunities. He also believes spikes in crime can be neutralized with the expansion of employment opportunities.

“We’ve also got to build an economy that works from the bottom up, not the top down. That’s the approach that I’m going to take towards legislating,” Chambers said. “And I think that when we do that, we’ll build an economy that works for working-class people.”

Chambers is a pro-abortion advocate and gun owner who supports gun reform as well as immigration, with the goal of reforming the process.

Running against Chambers is Luke Mixon, the former fighter pilot who’s taking aim at his first political office.

Viewed as the moderate democrat choice, Mixon hopes to take on extremism within the U.S.

“I believe Senator Kennedy is a far-right candidate. And then there’s me. I mentioned extremism in our country,” Mixon said. “That’s almost exclusively the decision that got me into this race. I think there’s too much extremism. And I believe that 80% of us in this state are right there in the middle.”

Mixon is quick to point out the Senator’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021, and his vote to overturn the election results in some states.

Mixon has also centered his campaign on Senator Kennedy voting against critical legislation that brought funding to Louisiana.

“You still see people, blue tarps on our roof. We see people can’t get back into their homes because their elected representatives are not fulfilling their promise. They’re not fulfilling their obligation to care for those they represent,” Mixon said.

Mixon has come out in support of codifying Roe should he be elected, this comes after he announced he is anti-abortion with exceptions for rape and incest.

After traveling across the state, he has also found how critical infrastructure needs are, especially in areas of the state battered by hurricanes.

“There will not be one person who will say, I don’t think we need better roads, bridges, clean water, drainage. Everyone in this state, no matter where you go, needs infrastructure improvement. We’ve seen the devastation these hurricanes have taken on south Louisiana,” Mixon said.

He is also in support of raising the minimum wage, ramping up oil and gas production while supporting increased green energy, and providing more funding to law enforcement to tackle the rise in crime.

Senator John Kennedy took office in the U.S. Senate in 2016 after multiple terms as Louisiana State Treasurer.

The senator declined an interview after multiple attempts to reach him.

To force a runoff, no candidate can garner 50% of the votes.

If a candidate does get 50%+1 of the vote they win the race.

Election day is Nov. 8.