BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The East Baton Rouge Metro Council has approved a new redistricting map, one that will keep the majority-white districts in control.

Members called a special meeting Wednesday supporting a new map that largely maintains the current districts with seven majority-white districts and five majority-Black districts. Map 4B was approved on a 7- 4 vote. An alternative map that would have added another majority-Black district failed.

The public weighed in before the vote.

“We need to find more of interest,” said one person. “More neighborhoods with common goals and inspirations. Rather than tear apart those that are currently in place.”

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome shared a statement on the new redistricting map:

We are disappointed in today’s decision to not redistrict Baton Rouge in a way that accurately reflects our population changes and racial diversity. 

My vision for Baton Rouge has always been for our city to be a community of peace, prosperity, and progress. The only way this is achievable is for us to commit ourselves to equity and social justice within our Parish, starting with the most fundamental right of equal representation. 

My administration will continue to fight for the rights and needs of our citizens.

Mayor Broome

The new districts will be used in the elections next fall.