Metro Council hear from public after LGBTQ resolution was axed from agenda

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More than a dozen people had the chance to express their feelings to the metro council about a controversial LGBTQ resolution. This, despite it being taken off the agenda earlier this week. 

Both conservatives and the LGBTQ communities said, the resolution was not in their favor. While they agreed on it being taken off the agenda, their stance on the topic differs.

“Sure, this is being deleted but it didn’t have any merit in the first place.”

“I am glad that this resolution will be deleted because we need an ordinance with teeth.”

Both the LGBTQ community and Conservatives agreed on one thing; the resolution needed to be gone.

“The resolution today was nothing more than a sentiment”

 “That wasn’t a shield, it was a sword.”

After receiving backlash, the resolution’s author East Baton Rouge Metro Councilman Matt Watson said, he rather kill it, than to have it fail. But LGBTQ activists said, something needs to be in place for their protection.

“I work as a transgender advocate I see this all the time. I was let go out of the 19th JDC courthouse because they didn’t have transgender bathrooms” said Champagne Roundtree.

Conservatives said, if the resolution would have been put in place, it would have force them to go against their Christian beliefs.

“It’s also importing on not only our religious freedom but also as Christian business owners being able to make decisions about who we hire.”

While both sides agree to disagree. 

“Tonight, resolution was supposed to be the taint middle ground I hope the councilman who brought that understands the other side is not acceptable to reasonable terms, they’re not looking for that” said Gene Mills, President of Louisiana Family Forum.

The Metro Council will have a decision to make now that a new ordinance has been introduced.

“We have an ordinance that actually creates protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the case of employment, housing and public accommodations.”

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