According to documents, a Baton Rouge police officer told Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard, Dennis Perkins was caught in bed with his step daughter during a sleep over five years ago. 

Perkins’ second wife caught them. 

Documents show the officer recently told the states Special Victims Unit, Perkins now ex-wife caught him lying in bed with two girls. The girls were the officer’s daughter and a young girl living in the Perkins home.  The report says no crime was committed. 

The officer says when his stepdaughter told him what happened, he took her to a counselor. The counselor said he believed Perkins was engaging in grooming behavior with her, had done this to other children and would do it again.

The officer says he then told Sheriff Ard what happened and asked that Perkins have no further contact with his family. According to that officer’s wife, Perkins ignored that request. 

He says his wife told him Perkins parked across the street from their home and gave them a “menacing” look. The officer then reported Perkins again and he says his family was then left alone.

The Special Victim’s Unit reached out to the girl’s mother, who is now divorced from the officer, and they say their stories matched up. She says her daughter still does not want to be interviewed. The report ends by saying no crime was committed and since the girl does not want to be interviewed, the investigation will be closed. 

The Attorney General is urging anyone who has information on criminal conduct or potential victims to call their office at 1-800-256-4506.