ST. FRANCISVILLE, La. (BRPROUD) — It has been a hectic few months for chef Nikki Davis-Voigt and her husband David Voigt. Their food truck, A Hint of Lime Tacos, was totaled on Saturday, Jan. 7. Since then, the community has come together to help this local couple, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The process of getting a replacement started soon after the accident. On Tuesday, Jan. 17, the couple was contacted by New Generation Food Trailers. The Texas-based company heard about the accident on social media and wanted to help. Davis-Voigt said at the time, she did not realize how much they would need them.

On Feb. 5, a fundraiser was held at the The Oyster Bar to help raise money for a new truck.

The momentum from that night carried all the way until Friday, March 3, when Davis-Voigt and her husband went to Texas and signed a contract for a new, improved vehicle. The plan is “to duplicate our old trailer as much as possible, just bigger and better,” said Davis-Voigt.

Davis-Voigt said the plan is for it to arrive in April and be fully licensed in time for Cinco de Mayo. Where and when the new food truck will debut has not been decided yet.

Davis-Voigt said it has felt like an eternity but this is closure for us, “we are ready to get back to our customers and what we love doing.”

The good news does not stop there. The pair were nominated in three categories by 225 Magazine. A Hint of Lime Tacos was nominated for Best Mexican, Best Caterer and Best Food Truck. Davis-Voigt also received a nomination for Best Chef.

When asked about the process and what this year has been like, Davis-Voight said, “We are so humbled by this whole thing. The outreach from our friends and the community as well as the all-around moral support is just unreal! We hope we never have a situation to warrant this again, but it sure is nice knowing that people do care.”