ST. AMANT, La. (BRPROUD) — St. Amant High School issued a statement on social media Monday afternoon regarding new rules for home football games.

The high school cites safety and security as the reason for implementing new rules for the remaining football season.

St. Amant High School shared the following rules:

  1. Although our games are public events, we ask parents of elementary and middle school aged children to NOT drop off children to attend a game without adult supervision. Parents are ultimately responsible for their child’s behavior and supervision during the game.
  2. Backpacks and bags will no longer be allowed in the stadium, nor will outside food or drinks.
  3. Fans are asked to remain in the stands. Congregating will not be permitted in the walkways, concession areas, restroom areas, or behind or under the bleachers.
  4. Children will no longer be allowed to run in the walkways or throw items (such as any type of balls) during the game. We have asked APSO to help us enforce this. With the number of attendees at our games and such limited space, it is unsafe for such behaviors to be allowed.
  5. Only students of St. Amant High School are allowed to sit in the designated student section. Students should be prepared to show their ID. If a student does NOT have an ID, he/she will NOT be allowed in the student section.
  6. Smoking, vaping or use of tobacco is not allowed anywhere at The Pit.
  7. Anyone who leaves the stadium cannot re-enter without a new ticket.