BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Living in an apartment with no ac, juggling job and being a full-time student at LSU has been the current life of Samantha Records for almost the past month. 

Records lives in Arlington Cottages and TownHomes in Baton Rouge and has been sleeping with three fans, and stays away from her apartment where she pays over $700 dollars. 

“I’ll go out and have sleepovers so I don’t have to be in this house where it’s so hot. I pick up shifts at work just so I can get out of here and be in the cold like it’s. It’s bad,” she said. 

According to Records, the word she describes the housing space is “disgusting.” 

“I shower, like, three times a day. It’s disgusting. Just sitting in my room. It’s so gross,” she said. 

While she has only been in school for almost a month, her main concern is trying to survive the heat. 

“It’s inhabitable. You can’t, you can’t live here. Especially in the heat wave of Louisiana,” Records emphasized. 

She said her and her father have been contacting the complex everyday for almost a month and has not received a reply of her ac unit being fixed anytime soon. 

“They just don’t care. They’re not doing their jobs and they have no urgency whatsoever,” Records said. 

Ashley Able, mother of another LSU resident, who lives in the apartment complex says her daughter has also had no ac, and even took the temperature of the room, which reached over 100 degrees. 

“It’s almost 140 degrees upstairs where she lives and the temperature of her bedroom wall is 120 degrees,” she said. 

Able said her biggest concern about this issue has been how the lack of AC has been impacting her daughter’s health, and urges the complex to see how it affects some students.

“She’s on medication for migraines. And so for her to experience this type of heat could really be harmful to her health,” she said. 

Able says they were notified that her daughter wasn’t the only one with this problem and about 40 units had the issue too. Now she hopes this problem is fixed before it’s too late. 

“If they’re alone and they pass out from heat exhaustion and no one’s around if they’re alone in the room. I mean, what happens then?,’” she said. 

Able along Records have requested a reduced rate for their monthly rent due to the inconvenience of no ac, and both said the apartment complex has denied the consideration. 

BRPROUD also reached out for a statement today and have not received anything yet.