BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Thousands of dollars will be going to a program dedicated to violent crime prevention in Baton Rouge neighborhoods.

According to an announcement Friday from U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Gathe, Jr., $91,149 from the Department of Justice will be headed to the Project Safe Neighborhoods Program, which aims to reduce violent crime. He said the money specifically goes toward supporting community efforts addressing violent crime and gun violence.

“The Project Safe Neighborhoods grants have been an important resource in the fight against violent crime in Baton Rouge,” said Gathe. “It has provided funding for manpower and technical resources which have aided the apprehension of violent criminals.”

The program focuses on fostering trust in communities, supporting community-based organizations, strategic enforcement, and measuring results.

“Reducing violence and sustaining those reductions will require strong partnerships between criminal justice agencies and community stakeholders and a shared commitment to the safety and well-being of every community member,” said OJP Deputy Assistant Attorney General Maureen Henneberg. “The investments we are making through Project Safe Neighborhoods will enable every stakeholder to play a part in building safer and healthier communities.”

Last week, Gathe announced a $1.4 million dollar grant for a group to fight crime in three Baton Rouge neighborhoods — Scotlandville, Southern Heights, and Brookstown.