BATON ROUGE, La. (BPROUD) — In some parishes, the 2021 school year is just days away. On top of the many issues COVID has given us, school uniforms are now on the long list of shortages happening right now.

If you and your family went store to store looking for school uniforms, just know you are not the only ones struggling because there’s a huge shortage of uniforms this year.

“You see that, look at the shelves. All are out. Khakis, we don’t have any, especially here, middle and high schoolers,” said LA Uniforms Manager Sal Ahmed.

He said he ordered hundreds of uniforms for this year but they may not get here in time.

“Totally out. Now this year, I called the company and we might not get it until next year,” said Ahmed.

He got creative and made uniforms himself, but it may not be enough to meet the demand.

“Everywhere is packed and out of clothes,” said Baton Rouge resident Tameka Varice.

As a mother of five, she said it’s been tough finding her children’s clothes.

“Certain stores get your children’s size, certain stores don’t. So it’s a lot of traveling, going back and forth and it’s just a mess right now,” she explained.

Ahmed said top garment producers in Bangladesh have been impacted by COVID-19, making it harder to get supplies. On top of the country being locked down, he said there is a shortage of ships to transport the materials.

“This pandemic is affecting everybody’s lives so we try to help people as much as we can,” he said.

Varice said she is running out of options.

“I hope it gets easier for us parents,” said Varice.

School time is coming quickly. Many school systems across the area will be starting back up within the next two weeks.