POINTE COUPEE, La (BRPROUD) – In New Roads preparations are underway away across the parish ahead of Ida’s landfall.

Chris Hendrix spent his afternoon working on generators trying to make sure they run properly.

“I want to be prepared. We don’t usually lose electricity, if we do it’s for a short amount of time, but it’s hot. I don’t want to be without an a/c and I want to watch the news,” said Hendrix.

While testing his generators, he said it was to ensure they can keep his family safe.

“My hot water heater is gas, but you have to have electricity to get it going. The water stays on, so you have to keep all of that running,” said Hendrix.

Along False River, boats are being moved from the water, and parish leaders are working to ensure you have what you need.

“We hope that they move them because we’ll find that people’s watercrafts do float away,” said New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald.

He said his department spends time inside The Mill using the sandbagger, a device that can make up to four sandbags at a time. The sandbags were given to residents in low-lying areas.

“We take proactive steps in advanced to make sure our citizens are well taken care of,” said McDonald.

No matter how big or small a storm is, Hendrix said preparation is key.

“Go get your food, go get your water go get your gas if you got a generator, and go get it early because there’s going to be a line. Be prepared and get it early,” said Hendrix.