BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Many Baton Rouge residents are concerned about violent crime, including women. A local firing range is all set to offer free concealed carry classes for women.

As of Thursday, the firing range is empty, but that will soon change.

“We wanted to help out a very vulnerable part of our population,” said Christopher Woosley, District Manager of Precision Firearms and Indoor Range.

Woosley said he decided to offer 15 women a free lesson in self-defense.

He explained why, saying, “We know that a lot of times the price for a concealed carry class is an obstacle that some people that may really need it can’t overcome.”

The rate of Louisiana women who’ve been murdered by men increased for the sixth consecutive year, according to a 2019 Violence Policy Center study. Such statistics illustrate why classes like these are important.

Woosley said anyone interested in participating needs to register.

“They need to bring with them some type of documentation that they have been the victims of domestic battery or that they have a restraining order against someone in their lives,” said Woosley.

The class will teach participants how to shoot a gun and cover a host of facts related to gun safety.

Woosley said, “We help them all the way through selecting the right gun from them for them. They can try it out before they buy it in most cases, and then teach them how to shoot.”

Woosley and his organizers aim to offer as many classes as possible, even college students will be able to participate.

The first class is scheduled for Feb. 12.