BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) — A protest against the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools Impacted Teacher Job Fair will be held on Thursday afternoon in response to the 230 plus jobs removed, reassigned throughout the district.

EBR teachers received a notice informing that their jobs have been impacted due to program changes, advising that they should attend a required job fair to apply for other positions within the district.

In a letter to the EBR school board, stakeholders are demanding that the board release EBR Superintendent, Dr. Sito Narcisse from his duties. They say reducing faculty will increase the average class size to 35, making it hard to accommodate if the district faces another surge.

“We are petitioning you to put a review of Dr. Narcisse’s contract and performance on next week’s new business agenda on the June June agenda. We think that it is time for a vote of no confidence. The chaos, division, and stress of this administration outweigh any benefits to our district. The “impacted fair” scheduled at Liberty High has brought us to the realization that this administration has no respect or concern for our faculty,” statement released from the petition from the stakeholders and community supporters.

Stakeholders says the constant curriculum changes, mandatory dual enrollment classes, and the lack of deserved bonuses caused much stress to the teachers. They argue that the impacted job fair is yet another demoralizing event at a time when the school year should be ending on a positive note.

“When faculty is in high demand, why should the 230 impacted remain in our district?,” said the stakeholders.

The protest will be held at Liberty High School at 4 p.m. right before the EBR Impacted Job Fair.