BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Millions of people across the country are facing extremely warm weather and high humidity and the American Red Cross has steps everyone should follow to stay safe.

In the greater Baton Rouge area, a simple walk outside has people saying the heat is scorching. 

Sam fisherman and Adam Love are skateboarders and spent their day braving the temps to hit a few rails but trying their best to stay hydrated and safe.

“There’s some good shade right around here. they have trees everywhere, take a good break and hand under the trees,” said Fisherman.

“It’s important, got to stay hydrated, it’s dangerous out here you know,” said Love.

According to the American Red Cross about 600 people die from heat related issues a year.

“It’s really important that folks take it seriously, whether they are outside working, going to and from work or from school or enjoying some time outside during the weekends,” said American Red Cross Regional Director of Communication Stephanie Fox.

Those more at risk include adults age 65 and older, those with chronic medical conditions, people who work outside, infants, children and athletes. 

Some medications make the effects of extreme heat worse. People with heart disease, poor blood circulation, obesity and mental illness are at risk for getting sick if the temperatures climb.

Fox recommends taking breaks, wearing loose clothing and staying hydrated.

Families should also keep their fury friends in mind when staying safe during the high temps.

“We don’t suggest you walk your animals in the heat of the day. Make sure that if you are on dirt concrete you are watching because their feet and their paws can get burned, ensuring they have access to cold water,” said Fox.