BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – Equipment failures at South Wastewater Treatment Plant caused a plant shutdown, resulting in street flooding in the area.

Areas that flooded due to the shutdown were Anne Marie, Keel and Christian Paul, according to St. George Fire Department spokesman Eldon Ledoux. Wayne Myles lives in the Gardere area and has spent most of his day hosing away raw sewage from the front of his apartment.

Like Myles, many others who live in the area are just trying to clean up as they wait to see what the city does next.

“If you have a nose, you’re going to smell it, I went to the store and came back to find the parking lot was full of water, my apartment was full of water,” said Myles.

Mixing Clorox and other household cleaners to drown out the smell, Myles has taken matters into his own hands until the city steps in.

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Kelvin Hill with the East Baton Rouge Public Works Department said there was a failure of the pumps at the South Treatment Plant, and as a result, there was an overflow of the sewer system. Hill said despite all the raw sewage in front of residents’ doorsteps, there is no public health concern.

“A lot of the material has been diluted and washed, we have a crew that goes and cleans up the affected areas, they use proper chemicals to disinfect,” said Hill.  

For those like Myles who took a loss to this unexpected event, the city is working on getting them reimbursed for related damage.

“The claim adjuster will process their claims, I don’t know what the outcome will be yet, it all depends on the extent of their damages,” said Hill.  

If you live in this area and your home was flooded or damaged by this incident, please contact 311 and report an inside residential backup or sewer overflow. Residents can contact 311 by phone, online at or through the Red Stick 311 mobile app.

According to city officials, crews are on standby to respond as quickly as possible.