BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Residents are concerned about the four tax renewals for East Baton Rouge Schools.

  • Prop 1 – Covers operations and supplies
  • Prop 2 – Will go to teacher salaries and benefits
  • Prop 3 – Supports the hiring of additional teachers
  • Prop 4 – Supports salaries

School board member Patrick Martin said the schools need tax renewal money.

“This is a continuation of taxes that the public has voted for several times before,” Martin said.

One taxpayer on NextDoor said in part, money will not fix the problems and teachers won’t stay at schools even with higher salaries.

While another person said they have been paying for the EBR Parish School System taxes for 45 years, and the leadership and the board have not done much to change the system.

However, Martin said not only will this benefit the school district, but also the students.

“Collectively, these four propositions make up $80 million or so. And so if these were to not renew, then we would have layoffs across the board, which would be devastating for our ability to educate our students,” Martin said.

Residents will have the chance to vote on these tax renewals Saturday, March 25th.