BATON ROUGE, La. (LOCAL 33/FOX 44) Gotcha Mobility, LLC announced it will be offering its electric vehicles to local restaurants and merchants in an effort to help meet the demand for delivered products such as takeout meals and groceries. 

The company is pivoting its business model in the face of coronavirus to support local businesses and their employees and customers.

The company will maintain its core micro-mobility business in markets across the U.S. while also adding the food delivery service, beginning in Baton Rouge.

Local businesses can use e-bikes or seated scooters, based on availability, at a discounted rate of $15 per day for each vehicle (further discounts offered for more than 5 vehicles). Baton Rouge restaurants and merchants can contact the local Operations Manager to join the service.

Gotcha’s e-mobility products will be available as long as they’re allowed on the streets and deemed safe.

The company will suspend operations should ordinances require it. While the general public needs to employ social distancing to help minimize the spread of COVID-19, Gotcha will continue to follow CDC guidelines to properly clean its products.

Gotcha was recently acquired by MILE (formerly OjO Electric) and MILE’s team brings expertise in food delivery through a pilot program operated by OjO.

“When we enter a market, we become part of the community. Small, local businesses are crucial to our economy and Gotcha is focused on helping them during this difficult time,” said Sean Flood, CEO of Gotcha. “While this is an uncertain state for all, we want to do what we can with the products and people we have to support local businesses and their employees in Baton Rouge.”

If you are a small business in Baton Rouge that is interested in Gotcha’s vehicles for food delivery, please contact James Newkirk, Operations Manager for Gotcha’s bike share program in Baton Rouge, at 318-737-6040 or