BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — If you tried to fill up your tank last month, you would have spent 50 cents less than today. Gas prices are continuing to rise, and Baton Rouge residents are sick of it.

“Like, yesterday, gas was $4.19, and I came in today and it’s twenty cents higher,” stated one Baton Rouge resident, Jennifer McGowan.

“It’s horrible how high the prices have gotten lately. You definitely have to think twice about where you’re going or you know if you going to leave during the weekend or just save up your gas to get to work every day,” stated Ana Heully.

Over the past week, gas prices have risen 25 cents per gallon bringing the average price to four dollars and 48 cents a gallon as of Tuesday.

“Americans are seeing gas prices new record highs nearly every day, wondering when it’s going to stop. A year ago it was two dollars and seventy-one cents,” said Senator Bill Cassidy.

Sen. Cassidy said there may be more price hikes to come, “but even with their best efforts it’s going to take months more.”

But Baton Rouge residents are saying they struggling with these numbers now.

“I’ve been carpooling more with friends a lot of hanging out at houses, not going to dinners as much. Definitely not as social I guess as we were before,” explained Huelly.

“I actually walk, I don’t live far so I actually walk to work and that’s one of the ways that I, you know, things I have to do to be able to afford to live. You know between rent and gas, you know, you have choices to make,” stated McGowan.

Senator Cassidy said it is up to the White House to help bring Louisianans lower prices.

“I think it really depends upon how vigorously the administration pursues obvious solutions,” said Sen. Cassidy.

The national average has risen to just below five dollars a gallon at $4.91.