GONZALES, La. (BRPROUD) — As election day nears, Senator John Kennedy spoke to his supporters in Ascension Parish on Wednesday night and took a few questions from a journalist after not partaking in any debates with his opponents this election season.

Sen. Kennedy said, should he be re-elected, and Republicans gain control of the House or Senate, he wants to tackle oil and gas prices. He attributes some of the major inflation rates to the Biden Administration restricting production.

“You have to plan for the future, and we’re not doing that,” said Sen. Kennedy. “And you couple that with the war in Ukraine, the fact that supply lines are shut down in the Middle East.”

The president has pointed to oil companies not using all their land leases for production. Sen. Kennedy said the country isn’t planning ahead well enough when it comes to increasing production.

“He’s made it almost impossible to get a permit to drill,” Sen. Kennedy said. “Number two, his administration has made it almost impossible to get a permit to build new pipelines, and number three, the Biden Administration has really leaned on the banking industry not to loan money to oil and gas.”

For people in south Louisiana, coastal protections are in need of critical investment. While Kennedy voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill, claiming not enough of the bill was actual infrastructure, he points to his work on the appropriations committee as how he looked to aid the disappearing coast.

“We have incorporated billions of dollars for coastal restoration. I led the charge to get the interest removed from the money that we owe to build the levees around southeast Louisiana after Katrina,” Sen. Kennedy said.

He also responded to the recent rise in political violence, such as the attack on the Speaker of the House’s husband.

“This is America,” Sen. Kennedy said. “You are entitled to your opinion and you’re not free if you can express yourself and say what you think. And I want people to have their own opinion, but in terms of political violence, there’s no place for that. What happened to Mr. Pelosi was abominable.”

When asked if he believes America’s elections are legitimate and safe, he did not give a yes or no answer. He did say there needs to be faith restored in them to benefit both Democrats and Republicans. 

“We need to go back to having an election day, not an election month. When these elections drag out over a month. It’s just almost inevitable that people are going to have suspicions, whether they’re accurate or not. And number two, I think that we need to have a rule and in standby that you need to prove you are who you say you are in order to vote,” Sen. Kennedy said.

Election day is Nov. 8.