BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – Cara, the Burmese Python, has slithered out of her enclosure at the Blue Zoo and is now wandering the Mall of Louisiana.

People continue to do their shopping as local officials, Blue Zoo employees and mall staff play a one-sided game of hide-and-seek. A representative for the zoo says that they are confident that the snake has not ventured into the shopping center and is lost somewhere in the zoo.

We were informed by Blue Zoo that they are unable to locate a non-poisonous snake which is normally housed with their reptile exhibit. The popular reptile often participates in guest demonstrations and is frequently handled by children and adults. We are assisting Blue Zoo and working with local officials and reptile experts for her safe return. She poses no threat to the community at this time and we hope to have her back in her exhibit quickly.

Lindsay Kahn
Director, Public Relations | Marketing

Cara has been described as a non-venomous gentle reptile that is often handled by children and adults.

The search team can see where she has been by her tracks, and are using night-vision goggles to aid in the search.

A spokesperson at Blue Zoo said that the plan is to search throughout the night for the slithering escape artist.