GONZALES, La. (BRPROUD) — Residents on Colonial Oaks Road in Gonzales are required by the parish to change their house number so first responders can arrive as soon as possible in case of an emergency.

Skyler Westfall has lived on the road in Gonzales for nine months. He said it’s been very difficult to order online because delivery services cannot find his home.

“DoorDash or anything like that, they usually go down there, they can never find our address,” said Westfall.

Last week, an incident occurred where 911 emergency responders were called out to the street but were unable to find the correct address. Westfall said he’s concerned about his neighbors if there’s an emergency.

“Especially if, like, first responders, ambulances, or anything like that, especially ’cause a lot of people don’t speak English, it’s going to be hard enough finding them,” said Westfall.

Ascension Parish Director of Planning and Development Jerome Fournier said that safety is the number one concern for leaders and that he has been receiving calls from several law enforcement agencies. Fournier said their top priority is to change home address numbers for around six homes by the end of the week.

Fournier said people living on the street have been putting up their own numbers on homes and mailboxes. With multiple trailers on one lot and home addresses out of sequence, this has caused confusion for first responders and others throughout the parish.

“We didn’t assign the addresses initially,” said Fournier. “We’re not quite sure who did, but it’s been like that since the ’80s.”

The parish and city itself have grown and become more popular for people to move to the area. Ascension Parish officials are in the process of sending out flyers to ensure that residents get their addresses and numbers to put on their houses or mailbox.

Ascension Parish Government flyer to residents.

Fournier said that they have received some complaints about the new change coming on their street. He mentioned how residents are upset with having to change their energy or phone bills.

Fournier said that this change is to help law enforcement and provide safety precautions for their residents. New addresses for the residents will be provided within the week.