BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — Southern University Law Center is hosting the 2022 Haiti Unity Summit, an event designed to help the country come together and create a solution for the future of Haiti.

The people of Haiti have been desperately trying to achieve unity and strength after years of struggles and division.

“When they leave you Tuesday they can take it back to the Haitian people and we can tell the world as well as the international community. This is the will of the Haitian people. This is a plan Haiti for Haiti by Haitians,” said summit facilitator Lt. General Russell L. Honoré.

Nine different political groups came together under one roof to get Haiti back to security and peace.

“I think the people of Haiti, this is one of the first time these many accords have met collectively here or in Haiti,” said Russell. “Each accord represents hundreds of groups inside of Haiti all the way into the districts into the rural areas.”

They assembled at Southern University because it’s the largest operating HBCU with students with ties to Haiti and the state’s historical ties with Haiti.

“We know how to organize, provide the logistics and provide the security necessary. So it became natural to come here to Southern University on the bluff in Baton Rouge and conduct this conference,” he explained.

After Haiti’s president was assassinated in July of 2021, the country took a dark turn for the worst.

“They have had repetitive issues with the reliability of the people that have been elected and them doing and operating in accordance with the Constitution,” said Russell.

The purpose of this meeting is to get all nine factions on one accord. Leaders believed this to be the only way to mend the heart of the torn country

The plans for the summit are to pick one accord to follow, select an interim government and then discuss details surrounding the elections.

“We have a dream. Haitians have a dream to have this in writing, so when they leave here to see they can take it back to the Haitian people,” he said.

This four-day summit ends on Jan.17. Leaders hope this will end with an agreement.