BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — After a fatal shooting at St. Helena College and Career Academy, students returned to campus and there was a sense of sadness and grief.

Pastor Moses Simms said students are still trying to process what happened that day.

“A lasting effect emotionally and mentally,” said Simms.

On Sept. 12, Vernon Gordon Jr., 16, was fatally shot, and two students were injured.

“You can see in their eyes that there is still some uncertainty,” Simms said. “Together we can get through this.”

Simms was called to the school to pray for the students and teachers. He responded by saying with faith there’s always healing and hope.

“I think they are at a place where they are able to move forward and be there to support the children.”

Counselors are available to provide emotional support for employees and students, according to the school district. The school is also taking precautions to make everyone feel safe again.

“That extra presence of law enforcement is here to put their minds at peace,” Simms said.