It’s the small act of kindness that can change the world and the future only relies on what we do in the present.

“This is the first as far as our parish to do a mass like this,” said Rudolph Richard, Parish Council Chair of the Church.

Members of St. Paul Apostle Catholic Church and Catholic Charities are using Sunday’s mass service as a platform for refugees in the community to pray and worship in their native tongue.

“We’ve had readings in Arabic and Swahili,” said Jean Dresley from Catholic Charities. “[Also] Flipino, Spanish, and English.”

Refugees from war-torn countries come to cities like Baton Rouge almost daily and most times they arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

According to Richard, despite everything we are all one big family; where life begins and love never ends.

“Whether they are Catholic, Baptist, or unchurched; we owe them as people of God to help them in their loss,” said Richard.

To help Catholic Charities with local refugees visit their website.