POINTE COUPEE PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — The Pointe Coupee School Board called a special meeting to address school safety issues after a number of incidents and over 10 fights in just the last few days at Livonia High School.

Within the last few days, there have been over 21 incidents and over 12 fights at Livonia High School.

Teachers and parents at the board meeting addressed their concerns about the public school system.
Livonia High School was closed on Friday due to the fights earlier that week. Board members discussed having students go to programs like P-Cap to provide them with resources to help correct the fighting behavior.

“If you have policies being followed, then it would be a lot better situation at Livonia High School at this point in time,” said Pointe Coupee School Board Member Frank Aguillard. “We’re not going to send two students in a fight to the same location. One may be in the alternative school which is P-Cap. One may go virtual.”

“It’s my opinion that it’s a joke,” said Jamie Robinson, a mathematics teacher at Livonia High School. “It is not a real structured program as it needs to be that is required by the law.”

The school board at this time did not make a final decision on how to move forward with school safety.