BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — East Baton Rouge Public School teachers and staff brought their voices to campus after being told to find a new jobs.

Last week, some staff received an impacted employee notice. The letter says some staff is being reassigned and required to attend Thursday’s job fair.

Courtesy of Ashley Ballard

“We go in and we talk to school leaders, those school leaders, once they have their allocation, they have to decide who is on their staff and who is not,” said EBRPSS Superintendent Dr. Sito Narcisse.

Narcisse says reassigning staff allows schools to solve over-staffing and vacancies. He says the letter was sent to 230 staff members. That number includes about a dozen teachers.

Narcisse says less than one percent of their staff is being impacted.

“We can’t have every teacher be at one school, we are just trying to balance out the district,” he said. “I mean I know teachers are at a particular school, but I mean you’re in East Baton Rouge, any teacher can be at any school.”

Harmony Hobbs is a parent and on the Parent Advisory Council from Mayfair Lab Middle School. Hobbs fears more teachers will quit after this decision.

“If the goal is to retain our good teachers it seems like this is the opposite of what should be happening,” she said.

Ms. Madelone Kelly stood emotionally beside her students after being told to leave Glasgow Middle. She fears reassigning teachers will hurt long-standing programs.

“I love my job, I love my kids, I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “There is no way we can do the program at Glasgow with cutting the number of teachers.”

“That was unacceptable for us because she has been one of the best teachers at our school,” said Rishaph Gala, a Glasgow Middle School student.

Parents say there are other solutions to fill vacancies.

“In some of the positions that are really hard to staff. They need to think of incentivizing,” said Hannah Amorose, who has two children in EBRPSS.

Narcisse says the decision was discussed with school principals for weeks and the primary goal is to better the district as a whole.

Any staff members who take positions elsewhere will keep the same salary.