The Mentality of a Mass Shooter

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It seems like we see more and more mass shootings every year. 
According to the FBI, we are.
A report published by the FBI shows that we have had a steady increase in active shooter events since the year 2000.
Currently we are averaging close to 16 incidents per year.
Many people say they know the answer to stop these tragedies from happening.
Answers span from tightened gun control to more mental health screenings.
The scariest part of all of these violent acts is that there is no crystal ball that shows us who will do it or when the next event will happen.
Psychologists across the nation have identified some common characteristics of mass shooters that we can look out for.
In most cases there is a long trail leading up to the actual act of violence.
Killers often exhibit risk factors such as an abusive past, sadistic streak and self centered or lack of compassion.
In most cases, there seems to be a triggering event.
Hindsight being 20-20 we can point out many of these red flags from the Orlando shooter as the information comes in and family members and people that knew him come forward.
Until someone finds  crystal ball or the specific formula to identify these people, the best we can do is to stay vigilant and remember the people we have lost.

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