ZACHARY, La. (BRPROUD)– Elections are underway in Zachary. Three-term Mayor David Amrhein is not seeking re-election, so several others are stepping up to the plate.

Campaign signs, public forums and push cards. It’s election time, and in Zachary, there are three candidates running for mayor, but only one spot.

Three people punch in their tickets to be Zachary’s next mayor–Francis Nezianya, David McDavid and Laura O’Brien.

“I’ll always be the hardest working person in the room,” said O’Brien.

“I’m the type of guy that can make decisions,” states McDavid.

“I want to continue to make a difference,” Nezianya expressed.

Current councilman and business owner Nezianya said economic growth is a part of his plan. He said more tax dollars mean more services for the city.

“The city should be operated as a business,” he said. “I plan to work with the chamber and with the business community, for us to have an economic development director in-house. That will help us to go out there and get more businesses to come and invest in our communities.”

Current councilwoman Laura O’Brien and Police Chief David McDavid said the city is growing fast, so making sure it’s done right can impact their future.

“I think rooftops are what we need to really consider and look at. I think some people have been able to come in and really build a little bit too much all at one time” expressed O’Brien.

“We need to look at maybe plot size, different things in our UDC to change, to make sure that we have smart and responsible growth,” said McDavid.

Nezianya believes a healthy city relies on solid infrastructure

“For example, I want to see maybe we can extend some public sewer to some areas that don’t have public sewer in the city,” he said.

McDavid is hoping to bring along some of his past experiences.

“I worked in the court system. I understand their needs. I worked at the fire department. I understand their needs. I worked in public works a long, long time ago, but I understand their needs,” he said.

O’Brien said her vision is to take the progress she’s made in her district and apply it to the rest of the city.

“It was healthy growth, walkability, alternative transportation, and then economic development. Those are my goals and we’ve achieved those, and I want to take that throughout our community on the east side of town,” she explained.

You can cast your vote on November 8th or you can vote early on October 25th through November 1st.