BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)– The search continues for LSU freshman Kori Gauthier who disappeared early Wednesday morning.

Kori’s car was found on the Mississippi River Bridge after an accident.

The accident happened around 1 a.m. on April 7th.

LSUPD and BRPD confirmed that the car was unoccupied when it was hit.

This morning the United Cajun Navy led a search party for any sign of Gauthier.

Some believe that she left LSU, went toward Lafayette, and then came back into East Baton Rouge where the car was found. 

Father Levar Gauthier said, “When her mother called me multiple times and then finally sent me a message that she wasn’t answering the initial reaction was that she does that all the time when she’s sleeping, but once I heard the panic in her mom’s voice like no she missed her appointments, then I got in my truck and headed to Baton Rouge.

Her dad said the last time he saw her was on Tuesday.

Gauthier said, “When I was trying to set up a dinner date with her and her big sister, of course, that wasn’t able to happen yesterday.”

Family members, LSU students, and strangers all came together in an effort to bring Kori back home.

Gauthier said, “Everywhere, you name it we’ve been there, South Baton Rouge, North Baton Rouge, all over campus…”

Uncle Spencer Gauthier said, “Total strangers donating their time, the Cajun Navy, the private detective, everyone..thank you.”

The United Cajun Navy searched by water and air, while volunteers scoured the area looking for any sight of Kori. 

Friend Dashawn Johnson said, “To find out about this devastated me as a whole because that’s family. Who knew this would hit so close to home.”

LSU student TJ Polk said, “I would want someone to do this if it were me. I would want someone to do this if it were my family member.”

The family said they are determined to bring her home.

Gauthier said what kept him going was the thought of his daughter.

He said, “Just knowing that that’s my little girl out there somewhere.”

He let one message to parents all around.

“My advice to parents is to pay attention to your kids. Read the signs. If you’ve been through certain things that they haven’t paid attention to those and trust yourself, and look into it, look into your kids.”

United Cajun Navy said they plan to come back tomorrow with more resources.

Police have not released any new information about her disappearance. 

LSU is also put out a call for information.. They asked anyone with information to contact LSUPD at 578-3231.