BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — After traveling across the world and facing work disparities, some veterans are now calling the Port of Greater Baton Rouge home. In honor of Veterans Day, we’re talking to some employees of HOST, a veteran-founded shipping company, with sites on the Greater Baton Rouge’s port. 

The company has been life-changing for many veterans struggling to find work after the service.

“There’s a ton of opportunity whether you have any kind of experience in heavy equipment or your brand new and whether, you know, you were in the communications field or really whatever,” said Matthew Link, HOST terminal manager.

HOST veterans can use the skills learned overseas, and apply them on-site, giving them an easy transition. They’re also able to complete multiple tasks in one day. 

“I think as a veteran, you are used to moving around like that and not just married to one thing that keeps you going. You may be operating a crane one day, you may be operating a bulldozer, you may be docking a vessel,” said Gregory Anderson, HOST operations manager.

HOST leaders say they are able to keep a fluent work environment with the company ran on values used in service, like integrity, courage and respect. They encourage veterans looking for stability to make this port their new home.

“There’s just so many skills that a veteran brings to the table. Day one, they have the work ethic. A lot of them have leadership training that they’ve received in the service, and they have that dependability,” said Link.