“Right now, we have a torn family and they need to be healed” said Attorney Dedrick Moore.

So many questions, yet, very little answers.

“We obviously know something went wrong in there and that something happened to Mr. Richardson’s untimely death.”

Attorneys representing family members of Josef Richardson said, going into the case, they are seeking full transparency.

“The family does not need to be shut in the dark, the community does not need to be shut in the dark. We’re going to demand accountability but also transparency. Not transparency for just the end result but transparency through the entire process” said Attorney Ron Haley.

Tuesday afternoon, The West Baton Rouge Parish Corner’s office released the autopsy. According to the report, Richardson was shot in the back of the neck at the Budget 7 Motel last Thursday in Port Allen.

“The fact that he was shot in the back of the neck shows that he was completely defenseless at that point in time. You couple that with that fact that there was no weapon in the room. you have to ask the question, why how does this happen” said Haley.

Haley said, after seeing these types of incidents occur across the nation, he’s asking state police investigators to do the right thing.

“We’re tired of seeing the same movie play over and over again all it is it’s a different movie theater. Unfortunately, this one is in West Baton Rouge parish. At some point, there needs to be some tangible change.”