BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Louisiana State University (LSU) says new research shows that both LSU’s campus mounds are the oldest man-made structures in North America.

“They started building at least one of them about 11,000 years ago,” stated LSU’s Department of Geology & Geophysics Professor Brooks Ellwood.

And they are still here. It all started as class work for students but turned into 27 years of research. Ellwood explained these mounds hold history.

“It indicates that this was a time when they weren’t around, they weren’t keeping it clean, and therefore these plants were growing up on it. That was a result of a meteorite hitting northern Greenland about 8200 years ago. And at that time, they abandoned the southern mount,” he said.

To preserve the mounds, LSU has taken measures to protect them with gates and put new rules in place. Ellwood said you don’t have to be on the mounds to get inspired, you can do that by just walking by them.

“And you’re thinking about your life. You need to understand that there the sky’s the limit. You can just do all kinds of things. And it is really exciting,” he said.

You can enjoy the history of these mounds at any time on any day.