At the Zachary Fire Department, Chief Danny Kimble, took calls on Tuesday from people across Louisiana expressing their condolences for Deputy Chief Christopher Lawton.

Lawton was the 2nd man in charge of the department.

“He was a family man and always wanted to give back to the community,”said Chief Kimble.

All of Chris’s fire gear was made into a temporary memorial, it will be placed at his casket and given to his family at his funeral.

“He had 20 years and 1 day, of career fire fighting,” said Kimble.

Chris was a Louisiana boy.

“He did like hunting and family vacations,” said Kimble

He leaves behind his wife, son, and a daughter, but hopefully a man who spent his life in the community made it better.

“He gave his life up trying to make the City of Zachary a better place,” said Kimble.