Will cell towers knock down property value? It depends, experts say.

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Baton Rouge, La- Since AT&T began constructing cell towers in neighborhoods around town, residents have been worried about a number of things, one being property value.

The general consensus from homeowners is that the towers will devalue their homes, but experts are saying otherwise.

Drehr Chidester, a realtor, says the cell towers will likely not effect the worth of the home unless it presents some sort of hazard or difficulty.

For instance, if the tower is constructed directly in front of someone’s yard or driveway, it could be difficult getting in and out of the house.

“It’s more like a school zone sign, warning you that you’re in a school zone and to slow down,” Chidester says.

” It’s about like that. It’s not something people are going to actually notice.”

Most times when property value takes a hit, there’s usually a cosmetic flaw or a hazard, like flood problems or bad electrical wiring.

But even if the house is perfect from a realtor standpoint, the buyer is ultimately the one who decides the property’s value.

“Every buyer is different. Every buyer has their own unique thing that draws them to a home,” Chidester said.

Chidester says there’s a possibility the towers could raise property value, since the towers are internet hot spots.

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