BATON ROUGE, (BRPROUD) – Now is a great time to step up your fitness routine to keep the momentum of the new year going, and kettlebells are a great way to change things up.

We’re two months into the year and now is the perfect time to switch up your fitness routine.

“Kettlebells are an awesome way to just change it up. Kettlebells are similar to dumbbells with certain exercises but they are very different in other ways.”

YMCA Personal Trainer Meredith Atterbery said kettlebells add more power to a typical workout.

“If you’ve been doing a lot of traditional dumbbell exercises, kettlebells are a great way to add a little bit more power to incorporate momentum. There are a lot of swinging movements with the kettlebells that you can’t really replicate with the dumbbells.”

So what are the benefits of a kettlebell workout?

“One of the advantages to the kettlebell is that you’re using a lot of swinging movements so you’re going to see an increase in heart rate pretty quickly. Another thing that is really nice is that you’re actually able to incorporate power. It’s something that’s not as easy to do with dumbbells with the movements that you can use.”

Atterbery said kettlebell swings are great to help build hip strength and mobility.

“It’s great for power, it’s great for getting your heart rate up it’s great for hip mobility. Lotta people have weak hips because we spend so much time sitting and kettle bells swings are a great way to counteract that.”

Atterbery said if you’re not sure how to use a kettlebell do some research or visit a local YMCA.

“I would say check out YouTube and Google kettlebell workouts. Most of them are safe but proceed cautiously. But, have fun with it. They really are a great tool to use help change your workout up and Keep things fresh.”