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BATON ROUGE, LA (BRPROUD) – Cardio is great for your overall health and this weeks workout Wednesday we take a closer look at treadmill workouts and the many benefits they offer.

Cardio. Many dread this part of a workout but it plays a big role in your overall health and well being.

“Cardiovascular training is really important for your heart and lungs. Your heart and lungs are very important and without your heart and lungs you can’t live. So the more efficient your heart and lungs are, the easier it is to do daily activities.”

A great way to get cardio in is with a treadmill, and according to YMCA Personal Trainer Meredith Atterbery treadmills offer multiple benefits.

“Treadmills are great because it takes the weather element out of it. So you know with the crazy weather we’ve been having if you have a run plan for outside or a walk plan for outside and the weather gets bad all of a sudden your whole workout gets derailed. With the treadmill you can come indoors and weather is out of the question,” Atterbery said.

Atterbery said treadmills also make it easy to push yourself.

“I’s awesome because it’s a controlled intensity. So you can change the speed and the incline manually instead of having to go outside and just tell your body to go faster. You can do it all on the treadmill with the click of a button.”

She also said treadmills are also great for people with joint pain.

“The deck of the treadmill actually provides some sort of absorption from the impact. If you have any joint issues it will help take some of that away. And also the belt is constantly moving so it does take a little pressure off of your hamstrings and does a little bit of that work for you.”

And if you’re not sure where to start, the treadmill has built-in programs for different needs.

“Most of them have a weight loss program. That’s going to change the elevation and the speed so that’s going to help burn more calories than you would say just walking at a steady pace.”

And just like any other workout, have fun.

“It’s a great way to add variety to your cardio. The inclines on our (YMCA) treadmills, for example, go up to 15. So that’s a really steep incline and it adds that variety and enables you to increase the intensity without necessarily having to increase the speed.”

For more information about healthy lifestyles visit your local YMCA.

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