Workout Wednesday: Healthy, fun game to play while watching football at home

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BATON ROUGE, LA (BR-PROUD) – Football season has officially kicked off, but for many that comes with lots of extra calories on game day.

“This season is going to be very different from the seasons we’ve seen before.”

YMCA Personal Trainer Meredith Atterbery created a fun and healthy game you can play at home while still enjoying the football game.

“You know touchdowns are going to be scored, you know first downs, you know penalties, halftime is always going to be there, so this is an opportunity to get up and get moving during those times,” Atterbery said.

First downs:

“First downs happen really often so you don’t want it to be super complicated. One of the things you can do is just five squats. If you want to make it more intense you can do it faster, you can add weight and of course you can always modify.”


“Penalties happen all throughout the game. You know usually when a penalty is called it takes some time before the play resumes again. This is an opportunity to do lunge backs until the play resumes,” Atterbery said.

Commercial breaks:

“Most of the time during commercial breaks you know the drill. You get up, you use the restroom and then you go to the snack table. This is a great opportunity to just march in place. It keeps you away from the snack table and it gets you moving. It gets that heart rate up and gets that metabolism going,” said Atterbery.


“Touchdowns, this way you get to do activities whether your team scores or not. So think about doing one push-up for every point that that team has. So obviously the first touchdown you’re doing seven push-ups,” said Atterbery.


“Halftime is a great opportunity to go outside. Seven and a half minutes out, turn around and seven and a half minutes back. That way you’re moving around, getting that fresh air, getting that blood flow for an entire 15 minutes,” said Atterbery.

End of game:

“One thing I suggest is putting together a circuit. You do a combination of lunges, push-ups and squats for the number of points that your team scored. You can do an accumulation, if your team scored 14 points then you can do 14 push-ups, 14 squats, 14 lunges.”

Atterbery said this is a healthy way to enjoy the game with friends and family.

“Even if they’re watching at their house and you’re watching it at yours, have a Zoom going, have your FaceTime going, just do it together. Have fun, build that community and you’re being active so it’s a win-win.”

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