Workout Wednesday: How to stay hydrated while working out in the Louisiana heat

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BATON ROUGE, LA (BR-PROUD) – With the extreme summer heat it is very important to stay hydrated when being active especially outside.

In Louisiana we are no stranger to heat and humidity, which is why being hydrated is so important especially when working out.

“You actually lose a lot of water when you’re working out depending on the intensity. And the fact that we’re gonna be outside and it feels like 112, 115° we are going to sweat even more and lose more water just by being outside,” said YMCA Personal Trainer Jeremy Barba.

Barba said you need to start hydrating before your workout.

“Typically about an hour before you want to have about 16 ounces, which is about one full size water bottle. That helps get you prepared for the work out.”

And it doesn’t stop there. Barba said you need to continue to drink water during and after your workout.

“It all goes back to you’re constantly losing water. You’re not going to have the same amount of benefits, depending on what your goal is, if you’re dehydrated at the end of your work out. So that number is going to be different after we spend all this time losing water, so that’s gonna be about 32 ounces, which is about two full water bottles after your work out within an hour.”

Also don’t forget to replenish your electrolytes.

“The great thing about sports drinks is they have sodium and potassium, your main electrolytes. So when you actually drink too much water your sodium levels go down so there’s a direct correlation there. So the sports drinks are important because they bring your sodium levels back to neutral with the water,” said Barba.

Barba said it’s important to always pay attention to your body.

“The first sign of dehydration is actually you being thirsty. At that point is when you need to start drinking water, you should’ve started drinking prior. If you’re feeling dizzy, exhausted then yes go find some water, go find some shade.”

To learn more about the YMCA visit their website.


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