Zachary Police Officer goes beyond the badge to help senior citizen

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This may just look like an ordinary tire, but to Iceola Pelton, it means so much more.

Everything started Wednesday morning when Iceola was getting ready to run to the store. She could see that she had a flat tire. 

“And it looked like it was cut the tire was cut,” Pelton said. 

It was actually worse than that. Sometime during the night, someone actually removed the wheel to her car and replaced it with a different wheel with the cut tire.

Iceola called the police and Zachary Police Officer Chris Wayne came out to investigate.

After talking with her, Officer Wayne knew that this case of simple theft was going to affect Iceola in a big way.

“I mean her husband is on hospice, she can’t go anywhere, that’s her only form of transportation, she lives on a fixed income,” Wayne said. 

Officer Wayne rolled up his sleeves and switched out the flat tire with the emergency donut, but he didn’t stop there. He told Iceola to go to the Quality Tire and Car Care.

“You go up there a little after 11 and get your tire I got you,” Pelton said. “I said can I hug you.”

Officer Wayne paid for a new tire out of his own pocket. But if you ask him, he didn’t do anything special. He was just doing his job.

“In our line of work as police officers everybody we deal with every call we go on is that person’s worst day, and it’s our job to try to make it a better day.” Wayne said. 

But if you ask Iceola, he wasn’t just a police officer doing his job that day.

“He’s my hero, I’m proud of him,” Pelton said. “I’m proud to call him my Zachary Police Officer.”


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