(LOCAL 33) (FOX 44) “I’m going to do what’s good for this hour, I don’t have to be successful, I just have to do something,”

Marie Constantin has made it her mission to clean up the Capitol lake.

“So I decided that I’m just going to pick up litter on this lake, I don’t care what the result is I’m just going to pick it up,” Constantin said.

Constantin and her crew of volunteers have removed more than 160 bags of trash from the Capitol City Lake.

She is also working to pinpoint where the trash is coming from. She believes a majority of it is from trash bags that are not tied tight enough, making it easy for light plastic and trash to fly out of garbage trucks.

“If you have a garbage cart and you are not tying your bag extremely tightly you are the cause of litter,” Constantin said.

Constantin hopes to gain attention from city officials to make big changes that she believes will create positive results.

I just think there’s a lot of negative things happening in the world, and I thought you know what, I can pick up litter.

If you would like to volunteer with Marie and her crew you can email her at marieconstantin@cox.net