IBERVILLE PARISH, La. (BRPROUD) — Iberville parish law enforcement agencies plan on adding new security cameras throughout the parish. But many residents are concerned about their privacy.

“It has its pros and cons,” said Plaquemine resident, Laurick Bosley.

Iberville Parish officials plan to ramp up security and surveillance by increasing the number of cameras across the area.

Bosley said he has mixed emotions about the changes and stated that one of the positive aspects of the cameras is that they would be able to catch those who have committed crimes.

But Bosely added that there are some cons to consider. He said, “It’s kind of like invading people’s privacy. You know, nobody wants to be watched all the time.”

Iberville Sheriff Brett Stassi says he understands everyone’s concerns, but the cameras will only be used for police investigations.

“We’re not using it to hurt anybody. We used it to solve the crime. If the crime is reported 60 days later, there’s no evidence on that camera,” Stassi said. He explained that the department is purchasing 10 new cameras, which will serve as a new set of eyes for law officers.

“And we put him in key locations, high crime areas. Also in some areas, what we call pinch points,” he said.

The investment will cost $25,000 annually, according to the sheriff.

He also said the cameras will catch events they may have missed, which will help to get criminals off the streets.

“The better cases we prepare for our district attorney, Tony Clayton, the easier it is to prosecute and the quicker it is to get a conviction,” said Stassi.

But residents like Bosley believe the money could be used for something else.

“We can put that more into like recreational and, you know, just stuff to keep these kids occupied. And then we probably wouldn’t have to worry about as much violence and, you know, things that we got to watch for because now these kids, they got some occupy, their time,” he said.

Stassi added that he plans to roll out more camera-related technology as additional funding becomes available.